March 20th, 2013
11:30 PM ET

KTH: Cold case didn't have to go cold

CNN's Drew Griffin reports on the leads Mississippi law enforcement ignored in the 2009 roadside killing of Garrick Burdette. The police recently released information about his death to a local newspaper after Griffin questioned them about the way they handled the case.

Burdette's mother told Anderson Cooper it's hurtful that authorities only contacted her about her son's death after CNN put a spotlight on the story, more than three years later. The investigator apologized to her for letting the case slip through the cracks.

Now police say a suspicious car was at the scene of the incident. The article says a deputy thought about trying to find that car, but didn't. There were other clues about the vehicle that could have helped track down the driver, but there was no investigation.

Watch Drew Griffin's original report in Panola County, Mississippi:

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