January 29th, 2013
12:17 AM ET

Sheriff: Escape opens door for others

The Sheriff of Mohave County, Arizona vows to help members who want to leave Warren Jeffs' polygamist sect known as the FLDS. Sheriff Tom Sheahan says their department is "helping those that want to get out of that community."

The Sheriff tells Anderson the 'city police department' is nothing but an 'extension of a security service for the church.'  He explains, "when people want to leave that church and get away from that type of living, they try to stop them, they hide them out, and they conspire with the elders in that church to keep this from happening."

Sheriff Sheahan says people who are looking for help can contact the Mojave county sheriff's office at anytime, adding "we will make sure they are protected...we are there to provide them fair and unbiased law enforcement services."

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  1. Sherri

    I have read books by several of the women who did get out. The FLDS members hunt them down. Add to that the problem that the women have little or no skills for living in the outside world as they have little education and have not been allowed to do many things. We all need to ask why the states of Utah and Arizona allow this to go on. They have known about these groups for years and years yet will do nothing. Polygamy has been illegal for over 100 years. These groups collect food stamps etc as only the first 'marriage' is considered legal. The other 'wives' are considered single moms and eligible for food stamps and aid. The FLDS call this 'bleeding the beast'. They are proud of the fact that they get this money from the U.S. government, whom they hate. They are taking YOUR money under false pretenses. There are several books out there to read. Ex. When Men become gods. Also books by the women who have got out. The kids only go to school till 8th grade. Some can hardly read. The little girls are married off to much older men. What kind of parent allows this to happen? It is sick.

    January 30, 2013 at 2:44 pm |