January 7th, 2013
07:45 PM ET

Letters to the President #1449: 'The national championship'

Reporter's Note: The president is trying to line up his new cabinet, amid…as is typical…a lot of conflict. In the meantime, I am writing another letter to the White House.

Dear Mr. President,

Happy Monday and a happy start to the Mardi Gras season! I realize that not everyone pays much attention to the passage of Kings Day, but we certainly do around our house. Tonight, however, our celebration will take an unusual turn as we focus on the national college football championship.

And let me say, with precious little hesitation, that I think Alabama is going to romp on Notre Dame.

I’m sure fans of the Irish hate to hear that, but it seems almost inevitable. Over the past few years, the Crimson Tide has turned into a team that goes beyond any normal description of a college sports franchise. Their discipline is becoming the stuff of legend; college kids standing as calmly as seasoned professionals even when the score board swings against them, confident in their ability to storm back before the final second ticks away.

Their depth is awe inspiring. Mow down the top player in almost any position, and someone nearly as strong and talented steps right into the gap.

And their tenacity is just unstoppable. Ask LSU.

Sure, they can be vulnerable. Texas A&M managed to spin up just the right combination to take down the Tide, but that lightning seems unlikely to strike again.

Bottom line: It is nice to watch the underdog wage a good fight, and fun to watch them win. And make no mistake, Notre Dame, despite being ranked higher, is the underdog. But part of what makes that fun is that it rarely happens. When the kickoff comes in little more than an hour, I imagine the kids from South Bend will have all they can do to standup to the team from Tuscaloosa. And the mighty SEC will roll on…

Thought you might be interested in chatting it all over since you’re a sports fan, so I’m around if you want to call. But…uh…wait for halftime, ok?


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