December 11th, 2012
09:54 PM ET

Witness: Thought mall shooter was in flash mob

A woman named Meena says she was in Macy's when she saw the gunman, who was wearing black with a hockey mask covering his face, running through the store. "He was holding, in full view, an assault rifle," she says. When he was out of the store, Meena heard the sound of gunshots.

She tells CNN affiliate station KOIN that seeing the shooter was "surreal," and she thought he was part of a flash mob that was going to dance before she realized he was carrying out an attack on the shoppers in the Clackamas Town Center mall in Oregon.

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  1. Luke Pinell

    I would say that CNN is responsible as anyone for these kinds of shootings. 15 minutes into AC360 you are STILL covering this sensational story when there are far more important stories going on in the world today, not the least of which is the Korean missile launch.
    They type of tabloid coverage that you incessantly offer in these kinds of incidents ONLY serves to encourage others to do the same sort of horrible thing. Yes, it's an important story, given that it's an ongoing frightening issue in the U.S., especially, but it does not warrant more than 5-7 minutes coverage. You'll continue to do this sort of coverage because you know that feeding into people's basest prurient interest keeps viewership. But you do not serve the public good at all; Frankly, what you're doing is obscene.

    December 11, 2012 at 10:18 pm |