December 6th, 2012
01:17 AM ET

Lessons on how Congress can compromise

Former Senator Trent Lott's fiscal cliff negotiation advice: Quit talking at each other, sit down, and talk with each other.  His recommendation to Congress and the President is to..."quit campaigning, quit having press conferences, sit down at a round table and negotiate a deal."

The former Senate Majority Leader explains, "you have to be prepared to give some, you have to be prepared to push to get something done, and if you do that, if you make up your mind 'I'm gonna get this done' you will."

He describes having a close a relationship with former Senate leader Tom Daschle, saying that at times he would call him directly and say, "Tom, you know we need to do this I am having problems." Sen. Daschle would agree by saying "Lets go, I'll see you on the floor," describing how they were able to push their opposing parties to a vote in order to pass bills on the floor.

Former Senator Lott adds, “You gotta do that every now and then, even though you might catch a little flak from some of the people within your conference, its called leadership.”

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