November 17th, 2012
01:28 AM ET

Benghazi attacks explained to Congress

Fran Townsend tells Anderson that it is a "stretch to say the president was lying." She adds, "There was clearly some indication early on that this was in fact a terrorist attack, and they were sorting through it."

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    The Ben Ghazi attack has become an Ad Vomitum Media Panoply. It was a unique historical opportunity for United States in Ben Ghazi to build bridges with Muslims esp after saving the city from a Massacre. United States seized upon it and pre maturely under chaos and part anarchy opened a Diplomatic Mission. If its Diplomats were living and moving in Ben Ghazi under heavy security it would have been the antithesis of building bridges with common people. That is why Ambassador Stevens kept a very high profile and risky interaction with common Ben Ghazians. Obviously there are security risks in Policies like these to start with especially when its a known fact that Militants can strike even in countries that have better governance than Libya. So I think the discussion about the attack should only be focused on the prudence to open a diplomatic mission rather than the mere attack. If anyone decides to questions Bush's sincerity to his country for reading a Children Story Book while 9/11 was in progress then one doesn't understand the meaning of Chaos. This argument like Obama's birth certificate is trickling down to his 'sincerity' towards the country he was elected to rule. If most of the voting Americans have chosen him to lead the nation and the opponents truly believe in Democracy then according to the law of common probability the case should rest!!!!!

    November 17, 2012 at 8:07 am |