November 6th, 2012
01:15 AM ET

Gergen: Obama getting 'hurricane lift'

David Gergen says President Obama has an edge going into Election Day because of the way he handled Superstorm Sandy. "That means he's favored, but Romney can still pull off this upset. It is so very much within his power. He's got a lot of enthusiasm on the ground," says Gergen.

On Election Day, Mitt Romney will campaign in Ohio and Pennsylvania. Anderson Cooper asked Candy Crowley why the Republican candidate would spend time trying to convince voters in a state that hasn't supported a GOP ticket since 1988. "First of all, it's right next door to Ohio so it's not like they have to go across the country to go there. Plus, more than 90% of Pennsylvanians will vote on Election Day. There's no early voting in pennsylvania," says Crowley about the campaign's strategy.

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