November 2nd, 2012
11:46 PM ET

Drowning cab driver saved during Sandy

Anderson Cooper interviews Jon Candelaria, a New York resident who saved a cab driver engulfed by floodwaters during Sandy. Candelaria risked his own life to carry the driver to safety after he spotted the man from his apartment window coming down a road that was closed.

"I knew he was in trouble," says Candelaria about the moment the car spun and was in the deepest part of the water. "I just acted...I didn't think about my well-being." His gear consisted of a North Face jacket, shorts and sneakers - in water that came up to his chest.

By the time he reached the taxi, the water had risen to the driver's chin. The two men worked together to pry the door open when the wind calmed. "It was like something from the movies," says Candelaria.

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