October 25th, 2012
08:36 PM ET

Letters to the President #1375: 'Losing your voice?'

Reporter's Note: President Obama is busy campaigning, and I am busy writing. So nothing new, really…

Dear Mr. President,

You’re losing your voice! Didn’t I tell you just yesterday to keep an eye on your health? All this “I’m going to campaign for 48 straight hours” is well and good for the PR flacks, but honestly you need to keep in mind how old you are, what kind of schedule you’ve had for the past few years, and be a little more circumspect.

Some campaigner you’ll be if you wind up unable to even croak out “Remember me on Tuesday!”

At this rate, you’re not only going to need Bill Clinton to join you on the trail, you’re going to look like a bad ventriloquist act with him doing all the talking and you just nodding along. I’m not saying that in a demeaning way; I’m just saying that you need to rein it in just a little and get your voice back, or you’ll find yourself regretting it.

I realize that a candidate’s voice cracking really ought not to matter, and yet I know full well that it does. Sure, in one way it makes you look as if you are really putting everything you have into getting re-elected and that is admirable. In another way, however, it might make you seem worn out, desperate, and weak just when voters are looking for you to be energetic, optimistic, and strong. Maybe I’m wrong about that, but my basic contention stands: Get some hot soup, take a nap, and recover a little. You’ll be a better campaigner for the effort.

All that said, I suppose I should not talk. I was up half the night hacking away with this cough that has been plaguing me, and yet I fully plan to be in the throng for the Marine Corps Marathon this weekend despite all the work we’re doing around the clock to get ready for the election. So I guess we’re both a little crazy when it comes to races. Ha!

Call if you can.


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