October 24th, 2012
09:32 PM ET

Letters to the President #1374: 'Road trip'

Reporter's Note: President Obama is attempting to win re-election. I’m attempting to write a letter to him for every single day of his first term. I guess it’s good for both of us so far.

Dear Mr. President,

You’ve made a few extra headlines with this whole marathon campaigning stint you’re conducting right now, and I want to weigh in on this idea. Do I understand this correctly: You’re going on a 48 hour “extravaganza” of campaigning, during which time you will not sleep?

Two things.

First, I’m not sure your team should be calling it an “extravaganza.” That sounds way more fun than anything connected to politics these days. I think I would have gone with something like “forced march,” or “tour of hellishness.”

Second, you really need to speak to your schedule planners. There is no reason that any president, barring a national disaster, should be up for 48 straight hours. I suppose some people see it as a measure of commitment, but it strikes me as more of a David Blaine stunt. “I’ll spend a whole week frozen in a block of ice with a dozen sockeye salmon if you’ll only vote for me in November!” You get the picture, and you ought to get some rest. Imagine what would happen if an actual calamity came our way just as you burned into hour 48! “Mr. President, war has erupted in the Middle East…we’re mobilizing troops, and enemy gunships have appeared off the coast…by the way, alien space ships are landing!” “Uh, yeah. Can you guys handle that while I catch a few Z’s?”

I hope the trip goes well, of course. I’m sure you and Mr. Romney both have had more than your share of road time lately, and I think you should both be careful out there. Take frequent rest breaks. Walk around a bit. And if you feel yourself nodding off, for heaven’s sake pull into a rest stop and catch a little sleep.

And call if you can. You know how I worry.


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