Tonight on AC360: Town hall debate body language
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October 17th, 2012
07:15 PM ET

Tonight on AC360: Town hall debate body language

Finger-pointing. Heated confrontations. Tense eye contact. It was all there during last night’s presidential debate. The town hall format gave President Obama and Mitt Romney the ability to move around the stage, like boxers, on the attack.

Tonight, we’ll give you an up close look at the non-verbal messages from both candidates during the more than 90-minute face off. Anderson talks with body language expert Janine Driver and Brett O’Donnell, a former debate strategist for Mitt Romney.

“They were in each other’s space,” said Driver about the first minutes of the debate during the exchange over oil production.

Later, during the skirmish over Libya “the president looked presidential” argues O’Donnell. When Pres. Obama said he called the deadly attack on the U.S. Consulate an act of terror shortly after it happened, Romney questioned him and the president fired back saying “check the transcript.”

Driver says after that fiery exchange Romney “increased his pacing” and didn’t concentrate as much on the uncommitted voters in the audience.

What should both candidates focus on for an advantage in the next debate? Find out what our experts suggest tonight at 8 and 10 p.m. ET.

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  1. Richard Tumilty

    Why doesn't anybody focus on the actual question rather then on "binders" of women, namely equal pay for women in jobs like men's. Neither candidate spoke to the question, and Candy Crowley didn't call them on it.

    October 17, 2012 at 10:27 pm |
  2. bburke

    What about Obama's record with women in his administration- where's the balance on reporting?? Wasn't there a book written about the unequal pay for women under his watch? Doesn't seem to be equal scrutiny of Obama ever- why?

    October 17, 2012 at 10:17 pm |
  3. Jeanne

    Not really Anderson... neither party has to convince me of anything anymore... I'm done with all the lies. One doesn't need to continue on with the lies to convince me of the sketchiness of their character... it's once and done for me!
    My vote is set in stone – I'm stickin with my President Obama/Biden 2012

    October 17, 2012 at 8:38 pm |
  4. TIimQuicksell

    I'm a 26 year Air Force veteran and find the topic very interesting that President Obama has a difficult time saying the word "Terrorist". I say this because when the administration took over 4 years ago a directive came down requiring all awards, evaluations to remove the words "Global War on Terror" "Terrorist" ... So it would be interesting to do some investivagive reporting to find out the root of why the President dislikes calling Terrorist Acts "Terrorism"

    October 17, 2012 at 8:32 pm |