October 9th, 2012
11:37 PM ET

King: Romney needs support from white women

In light of new post-debate polls, John King and Gloria Borger discuss what key groups the Romney campaign still needs to convince to vote for him.

October 9th, 2012
11:17 PM ET

Burton: Race hasn't fundamentally changed

Despite Mitt Romney gaining in new polls, Bill Burton argues the race has remained stable since the debate. Ross Douthat says it's obvious there has been a potentially significant shift.

October 9th, 2012
11:13 PM ET

Sandusky victim: 'I do not forgive you'

Jason Carroll describes the emotional statements given by victims of Jerry Sandusky during his sentencing hearing.

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October 9th, 2012
11:11 PM ET

KTH: Pharmaceutical compounding center next to waste site

No one at the pharmacy linked to the meningitis outbreak would even talk to Dr. Sanjy Gupta, but what he saw behind that Massachusetts facility is raising new questions. Elizabeth Cohen reports on the lack of federal guidelines and regulations for compounding companies. We're Keeping Them Honest.

October 9th, 2012
11:07 PM ET

KTH: Polls disputed if not in campaign's favor

Keeping Them Honest, Anderson Cooper looks at how campaigns and their supporters quickly dismiss polls if they don't support their candidate.

October 9th, 2012
09:39 PM ET

Letters to the President #1359: 'Watch the birdie'

Reporter's Note: Each day I write to President Obama.

Dear Mr. President,

Mitt Romney seems to have had just about enough of your cracks about Big Bird. Ever since the debate, it seems like the Internet has been on fire with your supporters carrying on about how the GOP challenger wants to cut funding for public television. But today, as I am sure you noticed, the Republicans started turning that around on you; saying things along the lines of, “perhaps the President ought to stop worrying about a big yellow bird puppet, and start talking about jobs, and people who are struggling, and his plans for the economy.” Something like that.

As you know, I’m not here to pick sides. However, I think you might want to be a little careful at this point. I realize you’ve been savaged over your debate performance, and you may not feel like there is much for you to say about it other than smacking away at the Big Bird moment, but as funny as it may be, jokes like that have a way of growing old. Especially with middle voters…those who aren’t automatically in your camp. If they get it in their minds that you are in fact trying to avoid more serious talk by ridiculing your opponent too much over a small moment, that really could start working against you.

Maybe it already is. I assume you’ve seen the latest polls? Yes, yes, yes, I realize that many of your Democratic friends are furious…saying that we media people are making far too much of the face that Mr. Romney, for the first time in what seems like ages, is either tied with or (gasp!) leading you in a couple of polls. I understand their anger, but to be honest, it is news when someone who has been perpetually in second place shows any legitimate sign that he could move into first.

I love jokes. I usually find it easier to crack wise about things than work on honest solutions. But I’m not running for President. You are. So like I said, you may want to reconsider chasing after Big Bird. Maybe it’s a great strategy…but it could also be a quick trip to having your goose cooked.

Call if you can.


October 9th, 2012
09:28 PM ET

Ryan supporters distrust media, polls

At a rally in Michigan, CNN's Gary Tuchman captures the enthusiasm for the Romney-Ryan ticket. He also talks to supporters who are angered by the way they believe the media and polls portray their candidates.

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October 9th, 2012
09:18 PM ET

RidicuList: Bad report cards

Sir John Gurdon just won a Nobel Prize... but was told at 15 that he'd never be a scientist. Bad report cards wind up on the RidicuList.

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October 9th, 2012
09:04 PM ET

The Shot: Pint-sized election polling

These kids are too young to vote, but old enough to have strong opinions about their presidential ambitions and living in the White House. "Parenting" magazine asked children in Brooklyn, New York for their take on U.S. politics.

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October 9th, 2012
08:03 PM ET

Romney gets specific on tax plan

CNN's Wolf Blitzer talks with Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney about his tax plan. Romney said his principles are to "simplify the code, create incentives for small businesses and large business to grow, don't reduce the burden on high-income tax payers, and remove the burden from middle-income" Americans.


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