October 7th, 2012
03:25 PM ET

Letters to the President #1357: 'Lunch time!'

Reporter's Note: I write to President Obama every day.

Dear Mr. President,

Here it is Sunday again, and Monday is breathing down our necks.  I think this is the first regular weekend I've enjoyed in a while.  Must be even worse for you.

Mindful of how busy you are, I thought I'd tell you about what a nice, relaxing lunch we had yesterday.  My younger daughter had an SAT test in the morning (which, I am pretty sure, is one of Dante's circles of hell) and by the time she was done and we'd had the post mortem, everyone was hungry.

We didn't want to go out, so I lit the grill and went to the kitchen to have some fun.  My wife had some ground beef, so that was a good start.  I mixed it up with a little barbeque sauce, some finely chopped apple, and in the spirit of Cincinnati chili I added some cinnamon.  Yes, cinnamon!

I put the patties on the fire along with a few thick wheels of fresh pineapple, and pretty soon everything was sizzling.  I added some cheddar cheese to the burgers, and ten minutes later it was all delicious.

You should have been here.

Anyway, it may not seem like much, but I'll bet it was more fun than you are having.