October 5th, 2012
07:04 PM ET

Letters to the President #1355: 'Breaking the jobs barrier'

Reporter's Note: President Obama is no doubt pleased with the latest jobs report…uh, and my latest letter

Mr. President,

Congratulations on the latest jobs report.  Finally seeing the rate slip below 8 percent must be a great relief for you, and I know many Americans must find it encouraging.  Certainly there is a lot of debate about how it is calculated, and how it compares to all the jobs lost over your term, and yes, I know that we’re basically about even when we count up all the pluses and minuses.

But it is the trend that counts.

People need hope, as you well know after your big campaign four years ago, and movement in the right direction… even if it is halting and small… is more hopeful than movement in the wrong direction.  

Obviously we need a lot more jobs.  I mean A LOT more.  But again, it is nice to see movement.  

So how are you going to celebrate?  Oh wait.  I think I already saw it.  There you were out on the campaign trail with the big cheering crowds, smiling, and ballyhooing the latest news.  I don’t think any one can fairly blame you, even if they hugely disagree with your politics.
After all, more jobs for us are probably the single biggest thing you can do to protect your job… beyond the ads, the speeches, the debates, and everything else.

So congrats again.  Hope your weekend is good.  Call if you can.


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