September 26th, 2012
04:04 PM ET

Letters to the President #1346: 'In the fields of Ohio'

Reporter's Note: President Obama appears to be pulling ahead in several polls, so perhaps he will have time to finally respond to one of my letters. That’s a hint, btw.

Dear Mr. President,

It must be exhausting to live in Ohio these days. Other states get migrating bluebirds and herds of elk; every four years Ohioans get swarms of politicos and flocks of campaign buses. Seeing you and Mitt Romney both there today must have made some residents of the Buckeye state twitch uncontrollably. “Droughts? We can manage. Blizzards? Not so bad. Another election? Agghhhh!!!”

I live a couple miles outside of the D.C. border in Maryland, so I’m not in contested turf. Unless something extraordinary happens, you’ll sack up Maryland like a cat in a bag. But since I’m just across the river from Virginia (“I can see it from my house!”) which is a battleground, our TV is on fire with campaign ads. You attacking Romney, him attacking you, other folks attacking everyone. It kind of takes the fun out of the latest episode of New Girl when every cute, snappy line is followed by a commercial break predicting the end of the world if the election swings this way or that.

All of that said I can just imagine what life must be like in Ohio right now.

Having lived much of my younger years in the middle of the country, I know that any irritation voters feel out there is probably exacerbated by a simple fact: Much of the time when the Oval Office is not at stake, you D.C. types can find a million reasons to ignore the interests and concerns of flyover America. That’s not a uniquely Democratic or Republican thing. It’s just a typical thing.

On the other hand, I have met plenty of battleground staters who seem perfectly happy to be front and center in the fight for a while…and just as happy to watch you all go back to D.C. when the war is over. Ha!

So go easy on the folks out there. I’m sure plenty of them are plenty tired of seeing you and your Republican nemesis. Sure, they’ll still let you roll into town and roll out the bunting, but don’t think they like it.


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