September 25th, 2012
12:37 PM ET

Candidates criticized after '60 Minutes'

Paul Begala and Alex Castellanos debate comments made by President Obama about the Middle East and Mitt Romney about health care in "60 Minutes" interviews.

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  1. Martin Christensen

    BUMP IN THE ROAD used by President Obama is a commonly used saying by everyone I know. It means one has a small problem that makes the going bumpy (rough uncomfortable jarring) for only a little time. The Presidents use was well said and understood my most of America.

    September 25, 2012 at 11:50 pm |
  2. rose macaskie

    Andersen Cooper. ou said something about, something happened at the democratic convention to better Obamas luck and wondered what it was, I wonder about the reactions of CNN journalists to the convention, James Carville like me was thrilled by the convention but the other people speaking for CNN that night did not seem to have noticed much about the convention.
    What happened is that the democrrats said they were going to grow America from the middle out, that was the most important thing they said but they had a lot of good arguements about a lot of other things to. They appealed to the middle class and they bollstered up what must be for the middle class, a battered confidence after being accused of borrowing to much and of being useless by the clever rich, those in wall street first undermined the whole economy and then frequently managed to say it was high streets fault or that it was the fault of social security, to many benefits, too many people bleedin gthe government for money. Romney is still saying this, when what did for the economy was wall street, they are the very devil. The mniddle class have been hearing that it was the rich who were the job makers, like they arent good for much only the rich are and then the democratic convention came along and bostereed up the moral of the middle class reminded them how much they had taken on in their lives, often for tyeir children and how they had suffered and struggled, of course that went down well, it was about time some justice was done to them, being given a role is great and the democrats gave them a role in building their country and recognised how hard things have been for them, how they have had to work and get into debt to help their children, Michelle Obama did that. Of course they are doing well.
    Cllinton explained about the economy, though i think there is still a lot of explaiing left to do but he explained well about the ecomony and where others are wrong. I have to listen to the first speeches again, I enjoyed them too. Essentialy the democrats turned every thing into, we will grow from the middle class. rose macaskie madrid.

    September 25, 2012 at 10:34 pm |