September 20th, 2012
11:45 PM ET

KTH: GOP concerned blind sheikh will be set free

Keeping Them Honest, there's no evidence that the Obama administration will release Sheikh Omar Abdel-Rahman, the notorious terrorist convicted of plotting the 1993 World Trade Center bombing.

He is serving a life sentence in a North Carolina prison. The NY Post cites unnamed sources and a former federal prosecutor who say he may be set free as a goodwill gesture to Egyptians.

Rep. Peter King and other Republican lawmakers wrote a letter to Attorney General Holder and Secretary Clinton to make the point that the release of the sheikh would be seen as a sign of weakness.

The Justice Department, the National Security Council and the State Department have denied any plans to move the sheikh from his current location.

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September 20th, 2012
11:10 PM ET

Libya Prime Minister: Consulate attack not al Qaeda

Arwa Damon spoke to Libya's prime minister about the eight people in custody who are directly linked to the assault at the consulate in Benghazi. He says they are not members of al Qaeda, but are individual extremists loosely banded together.

The Prime Minister told her that the consulate attack was "pre-planned," which contradicts the U.S. statement on the assault. Elise Labott reports that U.S. officials say they didn't have "actionable intelligence" that the consulate or diplomats were targeted.

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September 20th, 2012
11:04 PM ET

Rep. King: State Dept. playing word games

Despite confirmation from the Justice Department, the National Security Council and the State Department that they are not releasing Omar Abdel-Rahman, Rep. Peter King wants a statement guaranteeing the blind sheikh will die in a U.S. prison.

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September 20th, 2012
10:47 PM ET

KTH: Romney's personal history with welfare

After fallout from the leaked fundraiser video and comments about the "47 percent," Mitt Romney's strategy is to tell voters about how his father benefited from welfare. He emphasized the "100 percent" of Americans he wants to help in a speech on Wednesday. Mark McKinnon, Gloria Borger and Alice Stewart react to his new message.

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September 20th, 2012
10:47 PM ET

Letters to the President #1340: 'Government influence'

Reporter's Note: President Obama is busy campaigning. Probably too busy to read this letter or give me a call, but you never know

Dear Mr. President,

I heard an interesting report on radio today about how you seem to be leveraging every government office you legally can to help with your re-election campaign; i.e. apparently timing news releases, introducing new policies, announcing changes in procedures to cater to specific voters whom you’d like on your side. And to be honest, who don’t you want on your side at this point in the race?

Certainly these practices can come as no surprise to informed voters. Presidents have forever taken advantage of their position to curry favor at the polls. Theodore Roosevelt talked about the “bully pulpit” in terms of president’s getting heard, but you could well argue this is an extension of that same kind of power. Still, it sounds like with each race this practice just gets more and more elaborate.

I’m not blaming you. I’d say the same to anyone holding your job right now because I suspect in this rough and tumble political world they’d all be doing the same things. In addition, there is just no doubt that plenty of member of Congress have pulled similar tricks. Fixing that rattletrap bridge just before the vote; getting the money for the community center; scoring a special award for some influential supporter. We both know that all happens. Still, it seems like a shame.

Wouldn’t it be nice, for Democrats, Republicans, and Independents alike to know that government offices were always dedicated solely and wholly to the public good with no regard for the political fortunes of any individual? You talk about fairness a lot; seems like that ought to be a cornerstone of governmental fairness; that benefits are doled out with absolutely no regard for the politics of those who get them.

It will never be that way, of course. Frankly, I can’t even imagine how we could disentangle our government from the politics that create it, but I certainly wish we could.

Anyway, as always, the best of luck to you and Mr. Romney in your contest. Give a call if you can.


September 20th, 2012
10:10 PM ET

Candidates' views on immigration reform

At a Univision event, Mitt Romney and President Obama answered Latino voters who question their stance on immigration reform. Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa and former U.S. Commerce Secretary Carlos Gutierrez discuss their statements.

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September 20th, 2012
09:40 PM ET

Immigration issues and Latino voters

John King looks at Latino populations in swing states and how they could impact the outcome of the presidential race.

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September 20th, 2012
09:14 PM ET

RidicuList: Wolf gets even with Anderson

Wolf Blitzer is taking over the RidicuList for a night to get revenge for Anderson Cooper's shots at his new glasses. If you like the RidicuList, you'll love the Ri-BLITZ-ulist.

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Tonight on AC360: Rescuing Chicago kids from gang violence
September 20th, 2012
06:20 PM ET

Tonight on AC360: Rescuing Chicago kids from gang violence

Diane Latiker lives in a dangerous neighborhood where people hide in their homes, but she's not afraid to go outside and confront the problem. "We're losing a generation to violence," she says.

The mother of eight and grandmother of 13 was once a high school drop out who turned her life around and earned her GED. She didn't want her own children to go down the wrong path.

In 2003, Latiker started a program called Kids Off the Block (KOB) to give the youth in Chicago a chance to escape the gang influence and a safe place where they could focus on the future.

She welcomed them into her home and told them they could find refuge there 24/7. The group grew from 10 to 75.  Seeing the success of the organization, Latiker left her job as a cosmetologist to put all her time toward KOB.


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September 20th, 2012
01:26 PM ET

Meet the top 10 CNN Heroes of 2012

For their extraordinary efforts to help change the world and better the lives of others, 10 everyday people will receive $50,000 and a chance for much more.

This select group - the top 10 CNN Heroes of 2012 - was revealed Thursday.

All the top 10 were nominated by CNN's global audience and profiled earlier this year on CNN. They will be honored at "CNN Heroes: An All-Star Tribute," a globally broadcast event that airs live December 2 at 9 p.m. ET/6 p.m. PT.

At the tribute show, hosted by Anderson Cooper in Los Angeles, one of the top 10 will be named CNN Hero of the Year and receive an additional $250,000 to continue their work.

The Hero of the Year is decided by a public vote. Through November 28, you can vote for your favorite Hero at CNNHeroes.com or from your mobile device.


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