August 31st, 2012
09:18 AM ET

Rating Mitt Romney's RNC speech

Editor's note: CNN contributors offer their analysis of Mitt Romney's delivery at the RNC. Read reaction from Julian Zelizer, Maria Cardona, David Gergen, Donna Brazile, Ana Navarro and others.

Julian Zelizer: Mitt Romney, problem solver

Mitt Romney had to accomplish three goals in his speech Thursday night: He had to introduce himself to the nation, he needed to explain why he is a better alternative than President Obama and he needed to outline his vision for the nation in the next four years.

Through a solid, though not an exceptional, speech, Romney made progress on all fronts. He opened up by sharing more about his religion as well as his family. His speech showed that Romney is more than a ruthless capitalist, offering an alternative narrative of Romney as a problem solver.

Until tonight, all of the speakers, including Gov. Chris Christie and Wisconsin Rep. Paul Ryan, spoke about the need to make tough choices. The speech, and the biographical film, presented Romney as the person who could take up this challenge.


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