August 23rd, 2012
06:39 PM ET

Letters to the President #1312: 'The Biden factor'

Reporter's Note: I write a letter to President Obama every day. I have done so since the day he was inaugurated, rain or shine.

Dear Mr. President,

I imagine you and your fellow Dems are chuckling a bit over the prospect of a hurricane bearing down on the Republican convention. I know that no one in either party would wish calamity on the people of Florida, or any real damage, but I’m sure the idea of a heavy dose of wind and rain mucking up the GOP’s coronation is entertaining in your camp.

Speaking of which, I’ve read with interest this idea you have of sending Biden down there. I realize that you’re probably just trying to snatch a few headlines, but are you sure it is worth the risk?

Your vice presidential pal, as you well know, has a remarkable tendency to get blown off course when TV cameras are around. He blurts out things that, on occasion, seem to contradict what you’ve said; he strays from the party line; and he winds up collecting the kind of headlines that political communications directors just dread.

Turn him loose in a town full of Republicans, amid heavy winds and rain, and who the heck knows what might happen?

Still, it’s your call. I hope it turns out the way you plan. But don’t come crying to me if somehow you wind up with pictures of the Veep in a rubber raft, paddling along, and blaming the Republicans for rain. Ha!

Give a call if you have a moment. I’m scooting back and forth to New York tomorrow, so I’ll be on the go, but I’m always happy to chat.


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