August 21st, 2012
04:40 PM ET

Letters to the President #1310: 'A boost from the GOP'

Reporter's Note: President Obama is a highly skilled speaker, although I’m not so sure how good he is at letter writing since I’ve sent a message to him every day since he was inaugurated and I have yet to receive a reply. Just saying…

Dear Mr. President,

Honestly, could your Democrats have wanted a better gift at this time in the election cycle than those comments by Missouri Congressman Todd Akin? I will never understand how it is that people who are paid to talk for a living (uh…such as politicians) can stumble into saying such silly things. To be honest any politician, male or female, who wants to make a comment about a subject as sensitive as rape ought to be weighing his or her words carefully.

Yes, I realize that Akin has admitted it was a huge mistake and that he never should have said it. Yes, I know that we all slip up sometimes. And no, I don’t think we have to have a scorched earth policy every time some politico drops a clunker on the trail. But like I said, his statement was a gift to Democrats in general, and to you in particular; because ever since he said it, I’ve heard a lot less talk about the number one issue of the election… the economy. And I’m guessing that suits you just fine.

Funny how elections can be affected by such things. Candidates can run brilliant campaigns, only to be end up scrambling for survival after something they hardly control at all… a sudden rise in gas prices, a distant terrorist strike, an unpopular court ruling with political overtones. Conversely, others can run awful campaigns only to be blessed by a last-minute breakthrough: an unexpected news story that plays to his or her strengths, a snappy, unforgettable answer in a debate, or an opponent who stumbles into trouble by… oh say, making a foolish comment about women.

Yes, politics can be peculiar that way.

Anyway, as your race grinds on I think you ought to be grateful for every break you can catch from the Republicans, and trust me… this one was a gimme.

Call if you have a moment.


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