August 14th, 2012
04:34 PM ET

Letters to the President #1303: 'The bitter battle'

Reporter's Note: President Obama is still not writing to me, despite all the letters I've sent to him.

Dear Mr. President,

The closer we get to the election this fall, the more I find myself descending into a deep well of depression...at least in terms of politics. Despite all that talk you threw around in the last race about bipartisanship and progress through cooperation, this time it seems abundantly clear that Democrats and Republicans alike have retreated into their fortresses of contempt.

The true believers on each side seem utterly convinced that demonizing the opposition is perfectly fair and reasonable, no matter how much hell such bitter divisions continue to rain down upon the population at large.

It's sad because I remain convinced that most Americans...left, right and middle...remain willing to consider other opinions and approaches; remain dedicated to the proposition that working together is more important than just winning. And yet the party faithful, I fear, just don't feel that way.

So they fill the airwaves with deception, half truths, and outright lies. They resort to the cheapest of old tricks; ridiculing their foes as people, rather than decently opposing their ideas. They send an overwhelming and unmistakable message, that they'd rather see the whole country fall into decline, than see the opposition gain any more power.

I know that each side furiously blames the other for this sad state of affairs, but in my experience, it is undeniably driven by the small, close minded intensity of bitter people on both sides, who want nothing to do with an America that is not as they would have it. They behave like children who, if they can't make it to the picnic, hope that it will be rained out so no one can have fun without them.

You see why I'm feeling a bit down.

So call if you can. And if you could, be ready to talk about some of that hope and change that seemed such a lovely idea just a few years back.


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