August 11th, 2012
06:34 AM ET

Campaign ads light on facts

John King, Candy Crowley and Nia-Malika Henderson discuss the strategy behind candidates' ads, and the impact on voters.

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  1. Louise

    The candidates need to stick to the facts. They need to stop bickering and attacking one another like a couple of kids.
    What the american people need to hear is: Who are you, that is, what is your background? What are your qualifications?
    What is your experience? Why should we vote for you,that is, what are you going to do to help America and the
    American people? This is what the people need to hear. We do not care what either of you think about the other guy.
    Do not even mention the other guy's name in your speeches and campaign ads. Why should we vote for someone
    who doesn't know how to properly apply for a job?If you sit down one on one with any employer, the first thing they
    are going to ask you, is why should I hire you? What can you offer me to make worth my time? They are not asking
    you why they shouldn't hire the other guy. think about it.

    August 14, 2012 at 3:08 pm |
  2. Kim

    Romney's rockin don't bother knockin just jump on in with a vote before the economy sinks 15 trillion like a boat. By the way, the Estate Administration Act is cracked and needs glue.Not to mention the money to hire a CPA in our Estate Division's at all court houses across America.Audit every 2 years and support the States with the money.

    August 13, 2012 at 1:39 pm |