August 8th, 2012
10:20 PM ET

KTH: Truth about Romney campaign welfare ad

Anderson Cooper reports on an ad by the Romney campaign that claims Pres. Obama wants to drop welfare work requirements.

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    It is not only the candidate(Romney) it is mainly the party , that people find so disenfranchised by their actions , sucha what they put Bill Clinton as President , and President Obama as president , the have showed total disinterest for the good of the Country , that the only thing they care about is to cost as much damage to the opposing party , they as have been mentioned by one of their Party congressman , their attitude is just be as much uncooperative as they can , they are great critisising the opposing party, but they do not provide real solutions to the problems the Country , our Nation is facing, also the things they try to pull as what they have done with the elections in Pennsylvania and Ohio, is a disgrace to the nation , they are trying to pull what you see the way they cheat in third world countries elections , trying to rig the elections , to do it in the twenty first century " in the United States of America, what they are doing is insulting to the People of this Country , thinking that they would not realize what they are doing , in order to win the elections the do what ever it takes ethical or unethical. I think is time that the Party (GOP)

    August 10, 2012 at 11:51 pm |
  2. Miguel B. Charris

    Two short Items
    1) If the gentleman had not lost his job he would have had coverage when his wife got sick, She might have died anyway, but she would have a chance
    2)Negatives can not be proven If Mr.Romney paid tax all he has todo is show it. the source is the same democrat that we dont know who it is hat told gev Romneythe negative about President Obama
    What is the value of knowing who said that the gov had not paid the taxes it wont make any difference, the trhuth can only be shown by the tax payer

    August 10, 2012 at 10:39 pm |
  3. afrommi

    It is time the GOP leadership realize that work does not mean the person is out of poverty. They can throw that person out of the welfare system because what they consider poor is not really poor, but pauperism. I can't believe they are so low minded and not understand that a pay of $8/hr may keep a person out of the welfare rolls but does not keep them away from poverty. Some distribution of wealth reform should be implemented so people are not paupers in a nation where the top 20% controls 93% of the country's wealth. It is shameful and the GOP is directly responsible for this immorality. This is the only nation where poverty is directly caused by the greed of some of their leaders who are only looking to protect the wealth of the wealthy and forgets those who have helped the wealthy become wealthy. (sorry for the redundancy) There is no one in the US who have become wealthy by themselves. Employees in the US are the ones who have sacrifice by doing with low wages & no benefits. Out sourcing has done grave damage to our fellow citizens and it is time someone do something. President Obama and the democrats have been the only ones who have tried and will keep on trying. The saboteur, obstructing GOP congress MUST be voted out for at least 10 years until things are return to a moral and fair to all state.

    One thing is to allow for failure and another is to cause the failure. That is what the GOP with their influential wealthy have caused. It is time the people start exercising their power of their vote for their best interests.

    August 9, 2012 at 4:37 am |