July 30th, 2012
10:10 PM ET

Professor: Anti-Islam movement in U.S.

John Esposito says accusations against Secretary Clinton's aide Huma Abedin indicate a larger problem in the country. Five Republican legislators have asked for an investigation into her ties with the Muslim Brotherhood.

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  1. Carlos

    Why do we have Moslems here in America? It is a cult, not a religious religion of freedom that can coexists with the other states in America. Other Moslems that immigrated to America converted or no longer worship the Koran in America, with the new immigrants that are not being educated in American history are disrespecting our culture and violating our Laws. The Moslems purposely misinterprets the Constitution on Freedom of Religion between the states in America, the Islamic religion is not a religion in any state in America. Most had hopes that these new immigrants would get educated in this country’s history that has welcomes others from other countries and religions to be assimilate as one nation with one language.

    August 1, 2012 at 10:06 am |
  2. Dale

    There is also a anti-Jewish movement, anti-Christian movement, anti-Mormon movement. Plug in any religion after "anti-" and there is no difference between either "anti". It all depends on what religion you are in or not in.

    July 31, 2012 at 3:52 pm |
    • Mike

      Dale, you may be right except when the anti any religion or targeted minority is driven by elected officials at the highest levels then it becomes very concerning and very disturbing.

      I believe the Muslims in the US or abroad make for easy target simply because they do not have the powerfull legal support organizations that others enjoy like the Jewish or AFRICAN AMERICANS do. The media or politicians are exceptionaly cautious when a matter of Jewish association is brought up. However, when it comes to Muslims anything can be advertised, said, stereotyped & falsely accused by the media & politicians without accountability. They know they can get away with it, Muslims do not yet have the means to sue.

      August 1, 2012 at 2:21 am |