July 15th, 2012
09:05 AM ET

Letters to the President #1273: 'Le Tour'

Reporter's Note: President Obama once asked for advice. I suppose he’s had plenty from me, but nonetheless I continue writing a letter each and every day to the White House.

Dear Mr. President,

I need to get in a good run this weekend. I’ve had a hard time maintaining my mileage lately and with the election heating up I know that it is only going to get harder.

Speaking of mileage, have you been following the Tour de France? I got into it some years back and, as you know, I now follow it pretty closely. This year has been filled with carnage; wrecks all over the place, lots of great competitors injured, it’s a mess. On the other hand, it is still fun to watch.

I’m always amazed at not only the individual effort of any rider on any given day, but also how he makes it fit into the much longer, much more taxing race. Sorry about throwing that word “taxing” in, but you get my point. These guys, every day, make rides that would break the back of mere mortals, and yet they get back on the bike the next day and grind it out again. Amazing.

I’m struck by how much being in a campaign must require the same skills. You have to pedal hard on any given day, respond to attacks when they come, and yet constantly keep in mind it is a long race.

And I want to remind you, as I would Mr. Romney, in our short attention span world the race is still pretty long. I don’t think we can imagine all the potential twists and turns that might yet lie ahead, but we can almost bet that they are out there. That’s worth remembering no matter how much you may feel caught up in the back-and-forth of any day or any week. There is still a lot of road ahead.

Anyway, if you feel like coming over to watch the race some evening, just give me a call.