July 12th, 2012
02:16 PM ET

What's wrong with Jesse Jackson Jr.?

Members of Congress take medical leaves all the time. Kate Bolduan reports on why is this case is different.

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  1. 1peter11

    It is my contention Jessie Jackson, Jr. is suffering from bi-polar disorder which is a treatable mental disorder and he is either in denial of him having this condition or either he didn't take his medication or was taking a medication which didn't work for him. Jessie will be out of sight for awhile as he and his doctor test other medications to find one that will work for him. The problem people with this condition have are both finding the medication that works for the individual and taking the medication when it is to be taken. A person with this condition doesn't want to become too manic or too depressed as were either to happen the person will be back in the hospital. Jessie has to take this very seriously and do everything his doctor tells him and he has to stop being in denial if he is in denial he has this condition. He can live a normal life as long as he accepts his condition and takes his medication when he has to so he won't become either too manic or too depressed. It is kind of the press not to say what caused him to be hospitalized as this is a private matter and doesn't need to be broadcast all over as Jessie may chose to tell the world in an interview what his condition is so as to impart knowledge to others who also have this condition they are not alone and also tell others to follow the directions their doctor gives them and take their medications when they are supposed to. I have a joke for you. Stressed is dessert spelled backwards, so eat desserts and don't get stressed.

    July 12, 2012 at 6:19 pm |