July 8th, 2012
08:27 AM ET

Letters to the President #1266: 'Faith'

Reporter's Note: I write to President Obama every single day. Even when the temperature shoots into the 100’s and I’d rather be napping in the basement.

Dear Mr. President,

Considering that this is Sunday, it seems a good time to write about faith; because that is what your race this fall is going to come down to. It just struck me this weekend.

The simple truth is that there is little evidence to suggest the economy is going to get much better. Housing values are not going to improve. Heaven knows what the price of gasoline will do between now and November.

So what this race is going to come down to a story of a dark forest, and two guides.

The first is the guy who lead us as we waded into these woods. He didn’t make the woods, and we have no choice but to pass through them. That is indisputable. But a lot of folks still have questions about his guidance. After all, we’ve been following him for quite some time, and the woods seem as thick as ever. His message? We’re making progress. Stick with me.

The other is a guy who has never before been our guide, but has some different ideas about how we might escape our predicament. He believes the first guide has been leading us in the wrong direction, or maybe around in circles. Either way, his message?

The first guide is nice and he’s trying hard, but he doesn’t know how to rescue us. It is time to change leaders.

Obviously you’re the first guy. Mitt Romney is the second. And whichever one of you is able to create enough faith in his version of the story, will be the winner of the race. The facts of the economy, as I mentioned, are unlikely to change much over the summer; the vote will come down to faith.

Just a few thoughts for a Sunday. Call if you have a moment.