July 6th, 2012
07:19 PM ET

Letters to the President #1264: 'It's like a heat wave'

Reporter's Note: President Obama spent a few days out in the country campaigning, but now he is back in D.C. for the weekend…where it is really hot.

Dear Mr. President,

Well, it is just as hot as a stolen car around here lately! I know you’ve been on the road a bit, so maybe you missed the worst of it, but as best I can tell it was pretty toasty where you were as well.

Of course every time it gets this warm everyone asks, “Why?” It is a fair question, but one that rarely produces a satisfying answer. Some people invariably start grousing about global warming. Others suggest it is a harbinger of the apocalypse. I personally think it is the Almighty’s retribution for us making "Toddlers and Tiaras" into a hit. Part of the problem in explaining what is going on with any weather system, is that the darned things are just so big. I mean, earth-encompassingly large. So tracing the cause of any particularly trend is tricky.

Here is my best shot at explaining this one: There is a lot of cold water in the Pacific. (I don’t know why. It is summer, so you might think the water would be warmer, but apparently not…) Those chilly little waves are somehow pushing the flow of cooler air farther north, so we are not getting the benefits we might normally count on. Toss in a couple of La Ninas, some power failures, and Bob’s-Your-Uncle, you wind up with an insufferable heat wave.

Like I said, it’s not a very satisfying equation. I could probably say, “Why, it’s Rosie O’Donnell’s fault!” and no one could prove me wrong. Although, come to think of it, I’m sure someone would try. In fact, before the weekend is over, I wouldn’t be surprised to hear you blaming the heat wave on the Republicans, and them blaming it on you. Ha!

I’ll be going for a run Saturday despite the heat, just in case you want to go along. Or we can catch a matinee. Call me.


July 6th, 2012
12:00 AM ET

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