May 9th, 2012
09:10 PM ET

'Most corrupt police agency in America'

Arizona lawmakers voted against a bill that would abolish the corrupt police force in Colorado City. The legislation passed in the Arizona Senate, but failed in the House leaving many questioning why elected representatives are protecting the officers.

The police department consists of FLDS members loyal to their imprisoned polygamist prophet Warren Jeffs. Observers say they value the word of their leader over the law of the land.

CNN's Gary Tuchman and KTVK's Michael Watkiss have been reporting on the FLDS community for years. Tuchman doubts the Congress made an educated decision on the bill. He told Anderson Cooper, "There does not appear to have been a strenuous investigation."  Based on his extensive travels as a journalist,  he said, "This is the most abnormal place I've ever been to in the United States."

Watkiss believes the Arizona leaders are morally and intellectually bankrupt when it comes to this issue. He said Arizona is choosing to ignore "the most corrupt police agency in America." Watkiss also pointed out the limited rights of women and children in the FLDS community, made worse by the lawless police department.

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