April 28th, 2012
09:15 AM ET

Letters to the President #1195: 'Dinner?'

Reporter's Note: I write to President Obama every day. He does not respond. I have never called, but perhaps I should give that a try.

Dear Mr. President,

So here I was yesterday writing about how the Repubs are ripping you over your “celebrity” lifestyle, and tonight we’ll be rubbing elbows with real celebs! Ha!

This is, of course, the night for one of those big dinners where you, and I, and a couple thousand of our closest friends gather for some chicken, laughs, and to gawk at some of the Hollywood types who’ve started frequenting these affairs. By the way, I always appreciate your discretion during these events. It is good of you not to come over and chat it up with me because, as you know, everyone else would become insanely jealous. “Oh look at that! The president has come down to talk to Tom. That is one lucky Chief Executive!” Ha!

But seriously, even though I must don a tux, wade through the protestors, and try to remember names of people whom I see only at this event each year, it is still a nice function. Kind of hot usually, but nice.

I'm happy to see Jimmy Kimmel as the comedic relief this year. Some years we’ve had folks who were not at all comedic, and the only relief came when they left the stage.

Still, I wonder if you like these events. You always seem to smile and laugh at all the right spots, and you deliver your remarks with a nice, wry smile, but it has to be tough going to all the events which must crowd into your schedule. Sometimes I wonder if you are at the White House straightening your bow tie saying, “Come on, Michelle, do I really have to go tonight? Can’t I just call Tom and have him come over to watch hockey with me?”

Well, the answer... at least tonight... is no– you really have to go. If you want to leave early, I suppose that might be o.k. Just give me a nod from across the room and I’ll walk over with some pretext like, “Excuse me, Mr. President, I think your motorcade is blocking the caterer’s truck.” And you can say, “Oh sorry. Gee, gang, I wish I could stay but since I have to move my car anyway, I guess I’ll just call it a night.”

See you there.



April 28th, 2012
12:12 AM ET

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