April 8th, 2012
07:00 AM ET

Letters to the President #1175: 'Easter is upon us'

Reporter's Note: I write to President Obama all the time. Each day, I imagine he finds my letter waiting for him, like an Easter egg hiding in the grass.

Dear Mr. President,

Happy Easter! I trust you will enjoy this most important Christian holiday with all the reverence and joy as befits it.

I mention that is it the most important because I am often surprised by the number of Christians who don’t seem to think so. Invariably, they place Christmas higher in the hierarchy. I’ll grant that Christmas is certainly a bigger event, what with the trees and presents and caroling and all. But the Easter story much more directly engages the core beliefs of the faith, and offers the greatest promise to those who are faithful.

So, like I said, I hope it is a good day for you and your family.

And how could it not be? Beyond the revered nature of the day, how can you not enjoy a holiday that involves children running around at dawn looking for brightly colored eggs hidden everywhere? Years ago, my wife and I took our daughters, who were quite young at the time, to a huge neighborhood egg hunt.

It wasn’t much of a hunt, to be honest, because the eggs were just scattered over a huge field of grass. But there were so many of them that it was a blast to watch. The kids all lined up at one end of the field, the start was called, and they raced forward like Oklahoma homesteaders. I mean, of course, if the homesteaders tripped and giggled a lot. I’m usually not big on such things, but that was really fun and the girls were both delighted.

I also recall taking them to see a very ratty looking mall Easter Bunny one time. That was funny too, but in an entirely different fashion.

“Dad, is the Easter Bunny a smoker?”
“I don’t know, sweetie. Let’s see how the picture came out.”

Anyway, I have to help get some dinner on the table, then perhaps a nice Easter walk or run through the woods later. The very best to you and yours.