April 7th, 2012
12:03 AM ET

Eyewitness to the Trayvon Martin shooting speaks out

Exclusively on AC360, a key witness to the Trayvon Martin shooting says police turned away what could have been important information about the case.

It's been almost six weeks since George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin fatefully crossed paths, yet we still don't know with absolute certainty what happened that night. What caused the scuffle in the first place? Did Martin confront and attack Zimmerman, and pose a mortal threat? Or did Zimmerman act with unprovoked lethal aggression? There are plenty of conflicting claims, and very few incontestable truths.

This eyewitness account brings us closer to understanding what really happened. We at AC360 have been trying our best to stick to what is knowable about the case, and discard what can only qualify as speculation. We have confirmed she is in fact a resident of the gated community where the shooting took place. We have confirmed she was present that night; she called 911 after witnessing a scuffle that resulted in gunfire and a dead 17-year-old boy. Her account is credible, and she has recounted her experience with police. She spoke to us last week on the air, on condition we preserve her anonymity. Tonight she came in person to our bureau for an interview, and she had a lot more to say. She spoke with Ashleigh Banfield about what she saw and heard the night of February 26. To conceal her identity, we are showing her only in shadow.

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  1. bill m

    first anderson the witness isnt sure zimmerman was on top maybe big question, now if they can prove that with forens. evidence then something should happen to zimmerman. the law is very vague just looking at it i would say if he thought he was in danger he could take extreme proctection for himself. the law is maybe the law should be rewritten to a higher standard. as far as he should have been arested under flrd law they cant if they beleive he did not kill without the protection part of the law , and for others to say the young man martin would have been arested if the shoe was on the other foot is not and will never be know if he would have been arested that is just speculation on some folks part its not and will never be true because we dont know what the police would have done. blame the law i beleive in protecting yourself,family,home under reasonable situlations. its a shame this incident happened at all

    April 9, 2012 at 8:35 pm |
  2. Herbert Leo Briscoe

    if we can not ask ourselves this ? we dont deserve to punish or prosecute others in the name of god under the constitution. that is unlawful

    April 8, 2012 at 11:22 am |
  3. Herbert Leo Briscoe

    WE SIMPLY DONT HAVE A CHANCE IN AMERICA, citizens should not have the right to arrest, and officers should not be allow to break oath, this nation has become very unconstitutional, and disturbs the very essence of my ancestors. Why? Why? Why? when will the youth, or leaders of our future recieve the proper guidance, and a equal opportunity who do i ask who will answer????????????????????????????????????????????????????

    April 8, 2012 at 11:12 am |
  4. Rich

    You only need to listen to the original Zimmerman call to 911 and look at a map of the neighborhood to realize that Martin could have made it home before Zimmerman's 911 call was over.
    Can anyone explain why Martin's body was found where it was, when he was at that point only 2 minutes and 12 seconds into Zimmerman's 4 minute 12 second 911 call?
    You'll also see that there is no way that Zimmerman could have caught up to the 6ft 3in Martin had he continued "running" home.

    April 7, 2012 at 9:58 pm |
  5. Dax

    I can't believe how 'leading' and twisted this interviewer's questions actually are. This witness saw NOTHING that will push this investigation forward. He assumes the screams came from someone younger. There is another eye witness who SAW that it was Zimmerman who was screaming. Get off it, media. You do nothing to help the situation by a constant stream of stories based on hearsay and speculation.

    April 7, 2012 at 3:55 pm |
  6. Jennifer

    Louder...aggressor. Zimmerman. It would've been much easier had he turned himself in and been charged with manslaughter.

    As more evidence surfaces, Zimmermans patterns of playing the victim, lying about his loose cannon criminal behavior have become center with forensics. He lied about being the aggressor with a ill friend who took a restraining order out on him, he lied about assaulting a police officer in 2005, he lied about being aggressive at a job he was fired at.

    Zimmerman and he defense are digging a deeper hole claiming " shaken baby syndrome.". His deceptions, and those (his family and friends) who enable his lying will only lead to heavier sentences and convictions.

    My message to the Defense and Zimmerman: It pays to be honest.

    April 7, 2012 at 1:51 am |
  7. James Foley

    As far as the sounds of the voice one being deeper and one being higher that isn't necessarily indicative of one or the other.

    April 7, 2012 at 1:38 am |