Behind the scenes: A small party for 100,000
March 30th, 2012
03:06 PM ET

Behind the scenes: A small party for 100,000

This week @AC360 passed 100,000 followers on Twitter! We thought long and hard in a series of intense brainstorming sessions about how to best mark the milestone. The finest champagne (drunk producers are hilarious, but ineffective), a hot air balloon ride (too many of us to comfortably fit in one basket), a pet bird for the show (no volunteers to clean the cage), a choreographed flash mob (varying skills of coordination in this group), an extra vacation day for all (bosses vetoed), a permanent balloon arch in the newsroom (gets old after a while), matching Twitter bird tattoos (requires needles), a break-out Parkour session (too many expensive cameras nearby), diamond pendants (budget restrictions).

In your honor, we finally decided to give ourselves something familiar that never goes out of style: a sugar high. We're sorry we couldn't actually share the custom cupcakes, red velvet Twinkies and Crème Brûlée donuts with each of you. But please know, we wish we could!

From Anderson and everyone on the AC360° team, thank you for watching the program each night and joining us on Twitter, Facebook, Google + and this blog. And thanks for never being shy about sharing your opinions and jumping into the conversation.

If you don't already follow us on Twitter, what are you waiting for?! We live tweet the show every night! Click "follow" and we'll include you in our toast when we reach 200,000! And be sure to follow our boss who recently celebrated passing 2,000,000 followers!


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