March 1st, 2012
08:51 PM ET

Letters to the President #1137: 'Government that works'

Reporter's Note: I have written another letter to the president. He will not respond. He never does.

Dear Mr. President,

My father was a hard worker and an honest man who earned every dollar he ever made. Subsequently, he respected the value of his money and, while generous and giving, he didn’t waste it.

So I was surprised once when he and I stopped by a rather high end store to buy a sport jacket. The salesperson was attentive, knowledgeable, and quick about his work. Nonetheless, an hour later or so when we left, the receipt for several purchases in hand, I expected my father to say something about the prices in the store. He surprised me instead by saying, “You know, I almost never spend that kind of money on clothing, but when the service and quality are that good, I don’t mind.”

Which leads me to something that I’ve been pondering lately. I think there is a growing group of moderate voters who don’t care if Democrats are running the government, or if Republicans are…they just want someone to do the job. Not talk about it. Not posture about it. Not try to score political points about it. But to do it.

These voters will support smaller government if that works; or bigger government if that works better. They will support cutting or raising taxes. All they really care about is that same thing my father addressed: Value for their dollars…real leadership in exchange for their votes.

I truly suspect this faction of voters is strong and growing. They are not ideologues. They see ideologues…left and right…as some of the chief troublemakers in D.C., as enemies to effective government no matter what size it may be.

Anyway, I mention it because I think they may be onto something. While Democrats in general might favor a larger government, and Republicans in general might favor a smaller one, the goal of this block of voters, once again, is simply government that works. And the candidate who shows them that he can deliver it, will likely be shown a lot of love in November.


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