Raw Politics: Romney 'won by enough,' but is that all that matters?
February 28th, 2012
11:42 PM ET

Raw Politics: Romney 'won by enough,' but is that all that matters?

As Mitt Romney admitted, they may not have been his prettiest wins.

"We didn't win by a lot - but we won by enough, and that's all that counts," he said Tuesday night after victories in the Michigan and Arizona primaries.

Yet even in a cycle where he's already endured far more do-or-die contests than expected, these wins may be his most valuable yet.

Romney succeeded in both states when it counted most, largely on the strength of the same voting blocs that have consistently backed his campaign. The older, richer and better-educated you were, the more likely you were to vote for Romney. If you made your decision before the primary season began, or if beating President Barack Obama was your top priority, and the economy was your biggest concern, then Romney was your pick.

The outlook for Romney was sunny in the Southwest. He scored solidly with most Arizona demographics on his way to his more comfortable win of the night, winning pluralities in every age group, income level and major religious denomination, helped in part by overwhelming support from the state's sizable Mormon population. But it wasn't just a Mormon-fueled win: He even beat Rick Santorum among Santorum's fellow Catholics.


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