Tonight on AC360: Frum: Mitt Romney's 'severely' bad moves
February 13th, 2012
06:54 PM ET

Tonight on AC360: Frum: Mitt Romney's 'severely' bad moves

Editor's note: David Frum joins AC360 tonight at 8 and 10 p.m. ET to elaborate on his Op-Ed. He's a CNN contributor and  a former special assistant to President George W. Bush from 2001 to 2002. 

Mitt Romney ended a very bad week with a pretty good weekend.

Tuesday, Romney lost two caucuses and a nonbinding primary to Rick Santorum. Saturday, Romney won the also nonbinding Maine caucuses and the straw poll at the Conservative Political Action Conference.

Romney's front-runner status has been restored. But at what price?

Four weeks from now, no one will remember the Maine caucuses. I'm guessing though that people will remember a phrase from Romney's speech to CPAC on Friday, in which he described himself as a "severely conservative" governor of Massachusetts.

That phrase provides the Obama campaign with the second half of a potentially powerful negative ad. The first half is contained in this video clip from Romney's 2002 campaign for governor.


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