February 10th, 2012
06:14 PM ET

Letters to the President #1117: 'The art of compromise'

Reporter's Note: President Obama has never responded to any of my letters, even though I wish he would. So as a compromise, I'm going to keep writing relentlessly until he does.

Dear Mr. President,

So I see that some sort of deal has been struck in that whole dustup with the Catholic church over insurance for employees. Nice to hear that it ended without fisticuffs.

Compromise is necessary in so much of life. For example, sometimes I am driving along and some idiot wants to barge into my lane. I would like to slam my fender into his and send him into a crazy Grand Theft Auto spin into the ditch, but that would be unreasonable. So I compromise and simply scream at him through the car window and make insulting gestures.

Sometimes colleagues do things at work that make me doubt their competence at best, their sanity at worst. I would like to call the state authorities to come cart them off, but instead I smile, explain the issue I have with their latest efforts, and then quietly spread malicious gossip about them.

See how great compromise can be?

Anyway, glad to hear that you reached a deal. Call if you can.


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