February 5th, 2012
09:06 AM ET

Letters to the President #1112: 'Super Sunday'

Reporter's Note: This is Super Bowl Sunday, and yet I am attending to business: passing my daily letter to the White House.

Dear Mr. President,

So who are you picking in the big game tonight? I know that you must be tempted to take the political tack and say something like, “Oh, I just hope for a good game.” But I’m going to go ahead and leap out there and say I’d like the Giants to win.

Of course, as a Saints fan I really wish they were in the game, but absent the boys in the black and gold I’ll take New York, and you know why? I find the way that the Patriots play kind of boring. I have the greatest respect for their talent, and heaven knows I’ve watched them storm back to victory in dramatic fashion. But the way they do it never seems dramatic to me.

I love Boston. One of my favorite cities. I love the Bruins, have enjoyed watching the Celtics, and the Red Sox are always a good day at the ball park. In addition, Tom Brady is a brilliant quarterback, and Bill Belichick is as good a coach as the league has; however, the Patriots never seem as if they are having fun, and I rarely see them do anything unexpected. Watching them play football, as effective as they are, is like watching people can fish. And that’s not what I’m after when it is kickoff time.

I want to see bold risks, thrilling innovations, stupendous individual and team effort, not guys who act as if they are punching a time clock. I realize New England fans would find this hugely insulting, and probably rail about it just being sour grapes, but it’s not that at all. I felt the same way about the New Jersey Devils when their trapping defense took them to the Stanley Cup. Sure, it worked like a charm, but it made hockey about as thrilling a quilting.

So I hope the Giants win. I hope they have to pull out every bit of heart and brilliance they can muster. I hope the game grinds down to the final moments, and sheer inspiration drives to victory, leaving technique gasping on the turf. Because as much as I respect technique, it’s not enough to make great art, cool great food, design great cars, or drive a great nation…that takes soul…and I think the Giants have more.

Anyway, call if you want to come over and watch. We’ll have chips and wings I guess, but we can get something more if you wish. Just let me know.


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