February 4th, 2012
10:00 AM ET

Letters to the President #1111: 'Still at it'

Reporter's Note: This is my 1111th letter to the White House. I still have had no reply.

Dear Mr. President,

Numerologists would look at the number of this letter and read some special significance into it. As for me, I look at it and I just think, “That is a lot of letters!”

Funny how things add up over time. When I started this three years ago, I had not the slightest notion that I would still be doing it as we headed into 2012. I would have laughed at anyone who even suggested the possibility. But here we are.

Interestingly, all these letters have not dampened my enthusiasm for writing, but rather encouraged it. The single biggest reason that I consider giving up writing these each day is not to take a break, but instead so that I will have more time for thinking about and writing other things.

I suppose that is how it must be for you as well. Certainly there must be days when you don’t really want to be President. Some mornings you have to wake up and say to yourself, “I wish I could just jump in the car, go to the office, work a hard day, and then come home to cool out with the family.” And you know why I think that? I read some time ago (or was told, I can’t remember which) that President Clinton said some years back that he was amazed at how much more he could get done out of office than he could while he was President. Freed from the constraints of public office and having to deal with Congress, he said it was wonderful how easily he could simply recognize a problem, organize people around it, and work toward a solution.

Ahhh…if only it were that easy for people actually in office.

Hope your Saturday is going well. We’re cleaning out the basement, if you have some time and want to come by.