January 20th, 2012
10:10 PM ET

Video: Post-debate aftershocks

A vote of consequences? As the South Carolina primary looms following the CNN Debate, Mitt Romney finds he has an eroding advantage.

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  1. David

    In my opinion I don't think any of these gentlemen will be able to win against President Obama unless they can do this one thing: persuade the voters that voted for Obama 4 years ago to vote for them this year instead. If they can do that, then they may have a chance to win the presidency. I live in South Carolina and I know South Caroliinians love a good fight...when Newt responded to John's first question, the folks of South Carolina stood up and applauded his answer... in thier eyes at that moment that told them that this man is the man we want and they forgot about all the other negative issues that have been brought up about him in the past. That is why he moved ahead in the polls in South Carolina, thanks to John King's first question to start the debate. Not a good idea, but it sure worked out great for Newt! I would like for the question to be asked of all the replubican candidates... how will you get the voters that voted for Obama 4 years ago to vote for you? Knowing that voters don't like to admit they were wrong... most voters usually stand their ground for the person they voted for.
    Everyone keeps saying that Mit Romney is ther person to beat Obama... what happened 4 years ago when Mit dropped out of the race?

    January 20, 2012 at 10:52 pm |