January 20th, 2012
09:24 PM ET

Letters to the President #1096: 'More on sharing the wealth'

Reporter's Note: The president, and all his challengers, have been raising a ton of cash. Hopefully he can push the money aside long enough to read today’s letter.

Dear Mr. President,

I almost never go on a two day tear about something, but here comes one. I have been thinking since yesterday about this idea of mine for politicians to raise money for the masses, instead of for their campaigns. Note that I said “politicians” plural; this is not just aimed at you.

My point again, to put it plainly, is a simple equation:

1) Despite the economic woes of the nation, you political types seem to still be raking in money faster than I could fall over a cliff.

2) You all say that you are running for office because you want to help the American people in this difficult time.


3) Why don’t you and all your DC pals in both parties start using some of that fundraising muscle to do right now what you say you’ll do when elected…or, uh, re-elected?

I realize that this must sound crazy to those of you who are neck deep in the game, but seriously, if this election is going to cost everyone, collectively, about five billion dollars, do you really think it would be damaged beyond repair if you all just got together, donated a billion to the common good, and then had your election with four billion?

Please think this over. Because frankly, you guys and the investment folks seem to be the only people rolling in cash these days, and as you have noted many times…a lot of people are hurting out here. Seems a tad callous to stage a five billion dollar election amid that backdrop.

Call if you can.



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