January 11th, 2012
06:57 PM ET

Letters to the President #1087: 'Turnabout'

Reporter's Note: The Republicans are steaming into the south. I’m steaming some trousers to get the wrinkles out as I pen this letter to the president.

Dear Mr. President,

There are many differences between you and our most recent former president Bush. Yes, yes, I know that your fans fairly burst with punch lines when they hear a statement like that, but let’s contain the sarcasm for a moment and move on, because I want to talk about something you and the former Commander in Chief do not differ on, but share.

He too had a lot of people vehemently opposed to the way he was running the presidency.

I mention it because I’ve spent the week in South Carolina among undecided Republicans. And while they may not know whom they are going to vote for when their primary rolls around later this month, they do know this: They are united around and committed to the idea of defeating you.

I realize that this is a hallmark of presidential elections. Most of the time, those who are out of power in any given office are hell bent on taking power back. But there is a difference between regular, run of the mill political opposition, and what we are seeing these days. There is a certain venomous, angry, uncompromising fury driving many of these folks; a firm conviction that the very fate of the nation rests on them driving you like a heretic out of the Oval Office.

You, and many of your followers, may find that distasteful; but it is almost identical to the fury that I witnessed on the Democratic side a few years back aimed at Republicans.

That is why you should fear it; because you proved that when enough people get that disappointed in a political leader, they can make big things happen. And if they made it happen once, who’s to say they can’t make it happen again?

Heading home from SC in the morning. I have picked up yet another wicked cold, so if you want to say hi please don’t call late; need to catch up on my sleep.


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