January 2nd, 2012
10:55 PM ET

Video: Three-way battle for lead in Iowa

A volatile race for Iowa will go down to the wire with Ron Paul, Mitt Romney and a surging Rick Santorum leading the way.

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  1. victor m gallego dallas tx 2801 s marsalis av 75216

    hi... just my personnal opinion... politics (people.. republican/democrats) the r forgottn the most important qstn ...is this
    in the best interest of the u.s.a. / how much $$$ the u.s.a. can got???... if we apply this two universal qstns... we
    can evaluate, and understand the honesty of our politicians... let"s analize obama care... if we think about $$$ what
    is the obama care??? .. answer: just $$$ the working/active population in the u.s.a. is 160,000,00,0 and guess e/one
    paid +/- $ 60.00 a week...in inssureance... it's going to be a $$$ 9.600.000.000 every wk... and people will be happy
    because it will be warranty for the u.s.a. government ... no cancellations for any how circunstances.. in base of that
    the inssurance companies will loose this $$$ because they are looking for any way to cncl the policies... happent to
    me ... 4 of my closes friends past away, after got cancer,.. ecxecss beer, smoking, eating, .. etc.. after diagnostic only
    5 months their inss policies went cncl... we deal w/the state.. and we got medicare... but was to late.. they r gone..

    January 4, 2012 at 12:41 pm |