December 10th, 2011
10:01 AM ET

Letters to the President #1055: 'All hands on deck'

Reporter's Note: Once again today I am writing to the president. I assume he will once again ignore it just as he has my hundreds of other letters, but then…I would not want to jump to conclusions.

Dear Mr. President,

I was reading through some of your comments in a new interview with 60 Minutes and I noticed that you spent time using the symbolism of a boat. It was something like..oh…you know, voters are feeling the economy rocking back and forth, and they’re enduring the storms, and they’re trimming the sails, and catching squid, or whatever. You added that you can’t blame them if they raise some questions about the captain at such times, even though you are doing all you can to steer us to safe harbor or some such.


I’m not entirely sure what to make of this. Seems like only a couple of years ago you were on a big rip about how the nation was more like a car stuck in the ditch. That pitch went along the lines of: We’re the Democrats trying to get back onto the pavement, and the Republicans keep shoving the economy back into the mud, or…I can’t recall all the details.

Anyway, I’m not sure switching to a boat simile is going to make much of a difference if you’re looking to draw more voters into your camp. I’m pretty sure everyone got your message back when you were talking automobiles. I mean, we almost all drive, so those analogies work well. Boating? I know a lot of us do that too, but not nearly as many, and frankly a lot of us just ride along. We don’t really understand much about nautical matters. (Except the Titanic. We got that.)

My point is, your comments seemed a little too…how can I put this? A tad too focused on imagery and not enough on straight answers. Voters, I’m pretty such, understand the seriousness of our situation without a lot of romantic imagery. What they want now is solutions, and they don’t care if you bring those by car, boat, airplane, or llama.

Just something to keep in mind as you prepare for your next interview. Speaking of which, when are you going to sit down with me? Now that is an interview that would get some viewers! At least my mother, to be sure.

Call if you want to set it up.


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