December 5th, 2011
06:26 PM ET

Letters to the President #1050: 'Sha na na. Get a job!'

Reporter's Note: The president is once again working on a jobs deal. I don't think he's written as many jobs plans as I have written letters to the White House, but he may be close.

Dear Mr. President, 

I was busy working in New York today on my traditional year end special show, as I always do in December.  I enjoy seeing the city around Christmas season, and I’m pretty sure everyone there is glad to see me, too.  Although I must admit, it is a pretty big place so possibly one or two souls may not be thrilled that I’m around, but let’s just assume the rest are fine with my visit. 

So here you are laboring away, once again, on legislation designed to protect jobs, protect income, protect families from being further skinned by this persistent economic winter of ours. Without passing judgment on this specific plan, I suspect there is simply nothing more worthwhile that you can tackle.

The issue of jobs and family income remains the preeminent concern across the land. I think there is ample evidence that the political party which best connects with that issue will enjoy electoral success.

Mind you, those words come with a caution: When I say "connects" I don't mean merely "talks about it a lot". In D.C. the two are often confused. But no, in our current circumstances, I suspect people are wise to the trap of just listening to promises; this time they are looking for results. "Connecting" with the issue, therefore, will mean actually setting up favorable circumstances for the creation of jobs or the preservation of personal wealth. Anything short of that may well be worse than a failure. It may be seen as yet another fraud perpetrated by the Washington gang. And woe unto the party that gets that hat placed upon its head.

So choose your words carefully, and your legislation even more so. I have a suspicion that for many voters the time for political ideology is past, and the time for practical action alone is upon us.

Let me know how it goes. By the way, did you see my Saints last night? Talk about getting the job done!


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