December 4th, 2011
07:00 AM ET

Letters to the President #1049: 'Fit to be…'

Reporter's Note: The president seems to be pretty fit, but as I note in today’s letter, that is something that always needs tending.

Dear Mr. President,

With a little luck I will be back on the running trail again today. I’ve had, after all, two weeks to recover from my 55-mile race and truthfully my legs never really felt particularly bad from that anyway, so I was just being kind of a slacker. Which is strange to say, because I enjoy running and sometimes when I disappear for a couple of hours to trot along the river, and eat up the woodland trails, that’s when I really feel as if I’m giving my duties the slip.

What are you doing for exercise these days? When you first took office it seemed like we were seeing video of you playing basketball every couple of weeks; and now, not so much. I hope you are tending to your health. It is easy to get so caught up in our work and responsibilities that we push exercise aside, but it’s never a good idea. Working out a bit every couple of days keeps your head clear, your wind up, and helps you maintain the endurance you must certainly need every time Biden walks in with some cockamamie idea. Ha!

Don’t forget that I have offered to take you running. Sometimes it helps to have company for such things. I know that. So if you need me to trot by the White House and accompany you for a two or three mile loop, just give a shout. You know that I’ll make it happen. Consider it my donation to the good of the nation. In fact, if you would like to swap my taxes next year for a half dozen workouts, that would be fine with me. Double ha!

Oh! Which reminds me: I can’t forget that my Saints are playing tonight! You know that we don’t get them on TV here all the time, so I’m pretty stoked whenever I know a game will be aired that I can see. As always, if you’d like to come over, you are welcome. We can have some salsa and chips, maybe some barbeque. It won’t exactly be a workout, but it could be the next best thing.

Let me know. Who dat!



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