December 3rd, 2011
10:30 AM ET

Video: The Untold Story

The recent images of  men, women and children starving in the Horn of Africa tell a painful story of famine and suffering. How does a nation recover from a devastating food crisis? To find out, Chip Duncan and Salim Amin returned to a Ethopia, to a place where famine caused a massive death toll over 25 years ago. What they discovered was surprising and hopeful.  In partnership with One, they created a documentary showing the contrast between 1984 and present-day Tigray.  Read their words below, view a preview and watch their powerful short film.

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ssaqOwWeh9c%5D

In Somalia, innocent people are dying needless deaths due to a famine driven by politics and war. Those who are dying need our help and our voice.

Drought is a challenge faced by people around the world.  Climate change is now making droughts more common and less predictable.  But drought shouldn't equal famine.  Famine is the outcome of poor infrastructure, corrupt governments and warring factions who choose to use food as a weapon.


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December 3rd, 2011
07:00 AM ET

Letters to the President #1048: 'Tree time!'

Reporter's Note: The president helped light the White House Christmas tree the other night. We’ll be getting around to ours this weekend, but I don’t think he’ll be stopping over to throw the switch.

Dear Mr. President,

I think we’re going to get our Christmas tree this weekend. We remain a “real” Christmas tree family, despite the steady tide of people opting for artificial alternatives. I like to say we’re “organic celebrants.” That confuses the heck out of some of our more holistic neighbors. Ha!

Anyway, each year around this time we go in search of the perfect centerpiece for our Christmas festivities. For the past several years that has taken us to a lot next to our church, where a very nice family from Virginia brings in a spectacular array of wonderful trees. Honestly, they are all so uniform, full, and lovely, we could hardly go wrong if we tried.

Now, if you are feeling squeamish, as some folks do over the idea of cutting down a real tree, I see no reason for such concerns. “Live” Christmas trees (or as we might more properly call them “recently dead”) are planted specifically for this purpose, contrary to what some city folks might believe. They are harvested the same way we cut corn, soybeans, or broccoli; it just takes a little longer. In short, using a live tree is arguably more environmentally responsible than using a fake one, and in any event I’ve never heard one scream. And they, like a certain old uncle of mine who leaned a little heavy on the Old Spice, smell great!

All that said, I’ve never been entirely thrilled with the placement of our tree at home. We could put it into the living room, but contrary to the name we don’t do much “living” in there, so it would be a bit lost. We could put it in the family room, but with a roaring fireplace nearby that seems a little devil-may-care for even my occasionally reckless tastes. So we end up clearing a spot for it between the family room and the kitchen.

I suppose it works just fine there, and it can really be enjoyed in that location from almost any direction, but sometimes I wish we had a better spot in which it could sit and slowly turn brown between now and King’s Day. Still, come over if you have a chance and maybe you’ll have a better idea.

Now, if you’ll forgive me, I need to wrap this up and start sorting out the lights.



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December 3rd, 2011
12:29 AM ET

Video: RidicuList: Ed Schultz

Talk show host Ed Schultz takes a shot at Anderson’s style and says he’s “kicking his ass”— and that kicks him right onto the RidicuList.

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