Much to gain and lose in CNN national security debate
November 22nd, 2011
03:34 PM ET

Much to gain and lose in CNN national security debate

Editor's note: Republican presidential candidates take on national defense, the economy, international relations and terrorism issues in the CNN Republican National Security Debate in Washington, moderated by Wolf Blitzer at 8 p.m. ET. Watch the AC360° post-debate show at 10 p.m. ET

Washington (CNN) - The Republican presidential candidates face off Tuesday night just a few blocks from the place they all hope to call home: the White House.

The candidates share the stage at DAR Constitution Hall, just down the street from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. CNN is teaming up with leading Republican-leaning think tanks Heritage Foundation and American Enterprise Institute to host a debate that focuses heavily on national security and foreign policy issues, but which will also include top economic concerns, including the failure of the congressional super committee to find agreement to cut $1.2 trillion from the country's long-term debt.

The debate is the 11th major showdown between the Republican candidates and the first in 10 days.

It's also the first in which former House Speaker Newt Gingrich is firmly among the front-runners in national surveys, deadlocked with former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney for the top spot in the nomination race.


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  1. Robert

    I agree with jerome in part but we have got week.We need a strong president stand up what you say.If i was president on security or sucuring our country i would still work with all other country only if they work with us,But if you as to say other countrys, if you try to bomb us we are going to just send all and i meen all of our bombers and just destory your country no matter what it takes and that does not mean ground troops we dont need ground troops just train them for bombers train them to fly the plains.Put it out there to all others country that we are not going to take it.

    November 23, 2011 at 1:45 am |
  2. Jerome Fedor

    Who ever endless the wars and reallocate the billions wasted to help rebuild American industrial base
    that has striped America arability American economy. With out an industrial base than living contributes to a higher standard living then the service industry. After 25 years of attacking the Democratic base buy killing American industrial base wile profiting exporting manufacturing at a fraction of the cost by wall street swindlers. A has sa result there is noting left to pull the economy jump starting, as has been the case in the pre Reagan years.

    One thing who every cuts the military is a dead man.like Kennedy

    November 22, 2011 at 4:19 pm |