November 12th, 2011
04:54 PM ET

Letters to the President #1027: 'Second verse...same as the first'

Reporter's Note: Members of Congress are working against a deadline to solve some of our nation’s budget problems. I am working on the same things I always work on: Doing my job, taking care of my family, and writing a letter to the White House every single day.

Dear Mr. President,

Well, it sounds as if the so called Super Committee trying to hash out our budget/deficit/taxing/spending problems is rapidly augering into the same hill that the entire Congress hit earlier this year: The colossal ridge that rises between Dems and Repubs. One side wants to hear more about cuts, the other wants to hear more about revenue, yadda yadda yadda. Ultimately it’s listening to an Italian and an Inuit having an argument each in his own language: Lots of talking, not much understanding.

Seriously, I think even the Lifetime Channel does not repeat plots with such mind-numbing regularity as Congress.

Can’t you guys at least come up with something new? Couldn’t you argue about the shape of the table, or China, or juggling, or anything that does not repeat the same, hopeless cycle of disagreement?

Here is something I can almost guarantee: You are not going to come to terms on these issues without some serious bending on both sides. And you’re not going to get that as long as each side keeps insisting that the other is the primary culprit.

And at the moment I have trouble seeing any shift from that stance. That’s why I’m pretty much convinced that the committee will burn down to the wire and come up with either no agreement, or some kind of halfway measure that accomplishes nothing.

I truly hope that is not the case. It would be so refreshing to see something big happen in DC that at least looked bipartisan. But I’m not optimistic.

I guess we’ll see. What are you doing this weekend? I’m going to take a somewhat shortish run to prepare for a big race I have coming up on the next weekend, so if you feel like coming along, give me a call.



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