October 29th, 2011
12:35 PM ET

Letters to the President #1013: 'The World Series wrap up'

Reporter's Note: The president gets a lot of mail, but I’m guessing there is no letter he more eagerly awaits each day than mine.

Dear Mr. President,

Amid your busy schedule, did you get to see any of the World Series? I usually scope out a few of the championship games each year, and these seemed particular exciting this year.

That said, I am not much of a baseball fan. I realize that this is practically a heresy in DC where folks still heave around phrases like “as American as mom, apple pie, and baseball.” But for my taste it is just too slow. Too much standing around; waiting for pitchers to change, waiting for batters to scratch themselves, and waiting for managers who’ve called meetings out on the mound.

I mean, I don’t know of any other sport in which a new player to the field is allowed to make the entire stadium wait while he practices a little in the middle of everything. For crying out loud, they have a bullpen where they seem to warm up endlessly.

And seriously, what other sport allows the coaches to roam onto the field at will and call a conference?

Still, I know that plenty of other folks just love it the way that it is, so I suppose that is that.

Funny thing is, football is so much more popular, you would think by now that the old saying would have changed to something like, “As American as Dancing with the Stars, funnel cakes, and football.”

But I guess those are some other things that may take a while to change.

Hey, I’ll be running the Marine Corps Marathon tomorrow morning. I don’t suppose you are entered, but if you wanted to jump in I’ll bet you could! Give me a call if you need a ride.


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